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  • hello world
    Tesla’s new Semi truck will do 500 miles on one charge
    Top Gear
    It’ll also do a claimed 0-60mph in FIVE SECONDS without a trailer

    Tesla revealed a couple of new things which probably won’t be of interest to you. One was a Roadster – a supercar that promises 0-60mph in 1.9s and a top speed of over 250mph.

    The second – and main focus of yesterday’s launch – was the Tesla Semi truck. An all-electric truck that promises “a far better experience for truck drivers, while increasing safety and reducing the cost of cargo transport”.

    Only this is no ordinary truck. With an 80,000lb (that’s 36.3 tonnes) load, Tesla reckons this electric Semi (no laughing at the back) will go from 0-60mph in 20s. Sans trailer, it’ll go from 0-60mph in FIVE SECONDS. Yes, ladies and gents, an electric truck will outrun a Golf GTI.

    Look at it. All futuristic lines and a drag coefficient lower than a Bugatti Chiron and promises of a 500 mile range. That, says Tesla, makes it handy for American truckers because apparently 80 per cent of freight in the US is moved less than 250 miles.

    We’re told the battery on this truck is similar in make-up to other Tesla cars, designed to be repeatedly charged for over – cue Dr Evil close-up - one million miles. The motors are those used in the Model 3, “validated to last more than one million miles under the most demanding conditions”.

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    Obi Sopuluchukwu
  • hello world
    Surprise! Tesla's new 250mph EV supercar will outrun a Bugatti Chiron. Game on
    Top Gear
    Tesla has caught the rest of the world on the hop. Again. Meet the new Roadster. First things first, it’s FAST. Here are the numbers: 0-60mph in 1.9secs, 0-100mph in 4.2secs, the quarter mile done in 8.8secs and a top speed of over 250mph.

    The acceleration figures are bananas. Much quicker than we’ve seen from any of the world’s conventional supercar manufacturers, nothing short of record-breaking. Faster than a Bugatti Chiron, no less. Much.

    The Roadster, which was a surprise arrival at the launch of the Semi truck, uses three electric motors, one at the front and two at the back, taking power from a 200kwh battery pack – twice the capacity of the Model S P100D. Tesla claims this gives it a 620-mile range. There’s no word on power, but Tesla is claiming 10,000Nm of torque at the wheels…

    It seats four, but we know what you’re thinking – it doesn’t look like a roadster. Again, Elon Musk and his colleagues have abandoned conventional convertible thinking, so here the central roof panel lifts out to store in the boot. Y’know, like a Koenigsegg.

    I bring that up for a reason, because for $200,000 Tesla may well have built a car that can out-accelerate the Agera RS, if maybe not quite match its top speed. Of all the statistics linked to the Roadster, the most surprising isn’t the acceleration, but the top speed. 250mph is an unheard of figure for a car running e-motors and makes us suspect the Roadster may have a clever gear system or that the third motor only cuts in at higher speeds.

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    Obi Sopuluchukwu
  • hello world
    Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian Are Married
    ET Online
    The 36-year-old tennis pro, Serena and co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian said "I do" in a gorgeous Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding at Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans on Thursday.

    The lovely couple was surrounded by their closest family and friends, including their adorable 2-month-old daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. Guests at the ceremony "were expected to dress to the theme,” a source tells ET.

    Among the attendees were Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Ciara, Lala, Kelly Rowland and Serena's sister, Venus. The source also tells ET that upon arrival, the guests were greeted with the song "Be Our Guest" and drinks before the ceremony. Serena also did a dress change before the reception.

    The night before, the lovebirds held their rehearsal dinner at Meril restaurant. The source also reveals to ET that the day after their wedding, the couple and their guests will have "a full-blown brunch at the Ace Hotel with a DJ, games and recovery bar."

    The twosome then welcomed their first child together, little Alexis, on September 1, 2017. Earlier this week, the parents shared a video of their baby girl preparing to board a private jet as the family made their way to the wedding location. Congrats to the happy couple!

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    Chifunnaya Mirabel
  • lifestyle
    Veelocks shares intimate photos from her simple wedding ceremony
    Information Nigeria
    Nigerian hair-boss, Veelocks ditched all the extra stuffs to marry her best friend in a simple intimate wedding ceremony with few family and friends.

    She shared photos from the event and wrote;

    "I married my best friend yesterday. It was an intimate event with the people we love. Beyond blessed. May the almighty God direct us on this journey. Mr & Mrs Prince Jonah. #mytestimony #MrsLynJonah #PrinceLyn2017"

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    Chifunnaya Mirabel
  • lifestyle
    I believe ghosts because I communicate with them every day
    Pulse Nigeria
    A Nigerian lady has been trending on the social media after she declared that she sees ghosts and communicates with them every day.

    While many Nigerians dread any talk on ghosts and some don't even believe they exist, one lady who identified herself as Christy Glo, says they actually exist and she communicates with them every day.

    The Port Harcourt, Rivers State-based Glo who says she is a massage therapist, took to her Facebook page to declare that communicating with ghosts every day helps her in her job and that she gets instructions from them on how to go about her business.

    According to her, different ghosts appear to her to guide her daily and even tell her which of her customer is evil and should be avoided or not to go to their houses for home service.

    Glo who says she is a born-again Christian, added that she gets a ghost every day who would act as her guide for the day and give her maximum protection.

    She added that Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God [RCCG] and Pastor William Kumuyi, the General Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministries also see ghosts in form of angels while preaching.

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    Chifunnaya Mirabel
  • technology
    A new pocket sized photo printer can print from your smartphone
    Pulse Nigeria
    Designed to bring back the fun of printed photos, HP has launched the HP Sprocket Photo Printer. Great imagery doesn’t just have to live online, this pocket-size printer allows users to print photos from a smartphone or tablet virtually anywhere.

    HP Sprocket, is now available at a recommended retail price (RRP) of N45,999.00, “HP Sprocket is portable and small enough to fit in a pocket.  The 5 x 7.6 cm snaps are instantly shareable, colourful  and can even be personalised with filters, frames, emojis, text and more.” Says Allison Alassan, Print Category Manager- Central Africa for HP .

    Some of the great features include:
    1. The HP Sprocket App, free on iOS and Android™, lets users easily customise their favourite smartphone and social media photos with colourful frames, text, stickers, filters and more

    2. Sprocket brings  favourite memories to life with vibrant 5 x 7.6 cm smudge-proof, water-resistant and tear-resistant photos to share, or peel-and-stick to decorate bedroom walls, backpacks or  create collages and art projects

    3. The portable printer goes virtually anywhere, and with Bluetooth connectivity, users and all their friends can connect to Sprocket with via their smartphones and tablets and print and share the best pics of the day

    Sprocket is available in white with rose gold accents,  black with silver accents red with gold accents. It also  comes with a 10-pack of HP ZINK Photo Paper and Packs of HP ZINK Photo Paper (20 sheets per pack).

    Find both at HP.com, and select iStore’s. It’s the perfect accessory and gift for the holiday season.

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    Olasinde Morolake
  • technology
    Truecaller has kicked off its Africa Launch Event at CcHub, Lagos.
    Pulse Nigeria
    Truecaller remains one of the most downloaded apps, high up with the Facebooks and the Instagrams, with about 6.2 million users in Nigeria alone.

    Truecaller’s been telling us they have plans to touchdown in Africa for a while now, so it’s not much of a surprise. The best part? They are setting up headquarters in the region and they’ll be hiring key personnel for operations. 

    Truecaller also launched a Developer Program with the Truecaller SDK, a product for digital startups and app developers. This will help 3rd party developers, digital businesses and startups verify end users ASAPly. It is available on Android, iOS and web platforms.

    Priyam Bose is the Head of Worldwide Developer Relations at Truecaller, and this is what he said: “We see Nigeria as one of the most promising eco-systems in Africa, that’s why we have decided to kick-off our tour in the market. After engaging with some of the top tech startups and digital businesses in the country, we are even more convinced that Truecaller SDK mobile identity solution will help solve many of their challenges when on-boarding and verifying new users.” 

    Wait a minute, why is Truecaller such an incredible product?

    Think about this? A number calls you, and it’s not stored on your phonebook. You don’t know whether it’s a stalker, a spammer, or someone you’re owing money. So ask yourself, to pick or not to pick? This is the simple problem Truecaller solves. It’s the giant phonebook of the Internet and is one of the fastest growing consumer apps in Africa. For the past two years, it has graced our App store charts’ most popular lists. High up with the Facebooks and Instagrams. Truecaller provides a simple solution that just shows you who’s calling and filters the ridiculous spam calls and SMSes. 50 million people in Africa already use this app. That’s about a third of Facebook’s Africa population. 

    Just so you know how much work Truecaller is actually doing, here are a few interesting numbers; 

    1. More than 500 million spam calls gets blocked every month. More than 50% of messages being filtered is considered spam.

    2. Nigeria alone, has 6.2 million Truecaller users. Although, only 3 million are active monthly users. 

    3. But these are still great numbers when you realise that 80 percent of that user base was acquired just over the past year. 

    4. Every single month, Truecaller blocks 13 million calls and 25 million spam SMS on a monthly basis.

    5. In a recent study conducted by Truecaller, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt rank among the top 20 countries gettting the most spam calls.

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    Nworgu Kingsley
  • business
    Philips Consulting appoints Mr. Robert Taiwo as MD
    Punch Nigeria
    The Board of Phillips Consulting Limited has appointed Mr. Robert Taiwo as the managing director.

    A statement obtained from the firm said that Taiwo would be reporting directly to the Executive Chairman, Mr. Foluso Phillips. It added that Taiwo would provide day-to-day leadership at the PCL and be responsible for the execution of strategy for the management consulting firm, which is involved in human capital and talent management; learning and development; technology services; strategy; business operations and financial advisory services; and business process outsourcing.

    Phillips was quoted as saying, “As we start our next 25-year journey, the appointment of Robert is a clear indication of our desire to achieve our vision of creating an organisation, which will outlive us all. It took us a while to find a suitable candidate for this role, and we are delighted with the choice of Robert. The PCL is most certainly reloaded.”

    According to the statement, the creation of the managing director’s role at PCL demonstrates its determination to ensure that the firm, which is extremely keen on continuity, has clear succession plan, as this has been a challenge for indigenous professional firms in Nigeria.

    It stated that, “He (Taiwo) started his career in investment banking, including seven years at Commerz Bank AG in the City of London (UK), before moving to Capgemini Consulting UK. Prior to joining PCL, Taiwo also consulted for several global blue-chip companies as an independent consultant, working with organisations in both Nigeria and the UK. “He has a first degree in Law, with an MBA in strategy and change management, and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute UK.”

    According to the statement, Taiwo is joining the firm with over 17 years’ international consulting experience with FTSE 100 companies and leading multinationals. “He has a track record of delivering complex multi-million-pound strategic business aligned solutions, and is adept at transforming organisations across people, process and technology dimensions to enable the business meet set targets and objectives,” it added.

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    Osarokwata Emerald
  • entertainment
    This Photo Of Falz And DJ Cuppy Show Major Chemistry
    Entertainers Falz and DJ Cuppy have got people talking for the second time in recent times. Falz posted a photo of himself and DJ Cuppy taken during the DJ’s 25th birthday which had a ranger theme.

    The photo shows the two entertainers in a warm embrace and a look into each other’s eyes.

    Recall earlier in the month DJ Cuppy posted a video from a club outing for her new single “Green Light” and in the video, Falz was also spotted giving the DJ a “look”.

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    Chifunnaya Mirabel
  • entertainment
    List Of Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actors And Actresses
    Naija Loaded
    Here is the up-to-date ranking of the top 10 richest Yoruba actors and actresses 2017. This list has been compilled to help you know more about the wealth status of Yoruba acts in the country. Some years back our Yoruba actors and actresses were considered jobless people. As time passed they moved from the bottom line and started acting like professionals. Ever since then, they have been making big money. We now have rich actors and actresses. Do you mind knowing the top ten richest Yoruba actors and actresses?

    10. Iyabo Ojo
    Iyabo Ojo is worth making it to the list. She is a popular Yoruba actress. She was born December 21, 1977. Iyabo has featured in over 100 movies. She studied Estate Management in Lagos State Polytechnic. She started her movie career back in 1997.

    9. Muyiwa Ademola
    Muyiwa Ademola is just another star actor that made it to the list. Muyiwa Ademola was born 26 January 1971. He is both an actor and a producer. He has his hands in lots of movies.

    8. Fathia Balogun
    When you are in search of experienced Yoruba actress, it would be too bad if Fathia Balogun does not appear on the list. Fathia Balogun was born February 5, 1969. The star actress was formerly married to another star, Said Balogun.

    7. Wale Akorede Okunnu
    Wale Akorede Okunnu is another popular Yoruba actor. He was born November 5. The star actor has featured in over 100 movies. Wale Akorede Okunnu is also a funny comedian.

    6. Olaniyi Afonja
    Olaniyi Afonja is no doubt one of those funny Yoruba actors. He was born October 14, 1974. Sanyeri has been acting since 1992, but didn’t become so popular until recent.

    5. Femi Adebayo
    Femi Adebayo is another great and popular Nollywood actor. He was born 31 December 1972. Femi has featured in many award-winning Yoruba movies. He started his acting career back in 1996, and has many awards to himself.

    4. Mercy Aigbe: Net Worth — $500,000
    We all know Mercy Aigbe. She is a super Yoruba actress. She was born January 1, 1979. Mecry Aigbe started her acting career back in 2002. She started with super stars like Yinka Quadri. She has featured in countless number of movies.

    3. Dayo Amusa: Net Worth — $700,000
    Here we have Dayo Amusa, a beautiful star actress. She is very good at what she does. Dayo Amusa was born July 20,1984. Apart from her acting career, Dayo Amusa is into singing and she is also a business woman.

    2. Funke Akindele: — $900,000
    Funke Akindele is no doubt a spectacular actress. She was born in Lagos on August 24, 1976. The star actress graduated from both Ogun State Polytechnic and Lagos State University. She studied both Mass Communication and Law. She is happily married to Abdulrasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz.

    1. Odunlade Adekola: — $1.9 million
    On top of the list is the star actor, Odunlade Adekola. Just as his name sounds, Odunlade Adekola was born on December 31, 1978. That’s just a day to a new year, 1979. Odunlade has showed his interest in acting right from his childhood days.

    As you can see from the above richest ranking list, Odunlade Adekola is the richest Yoruba actor at the moment. For the females Funke Akindele comes out on top as she is the richest female yoruba actress in Nigeria this 2017, she as really done well as she also takes the number two spot on this Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actor And Actress and Their Net Worth 2017.

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    King Success
  • entertainment
    Singer, Duncan Mighty Gets Another Government Contract
    The Nigerian Voice
    Ever wonder how come Port Harcourt base singer, Duncan Mighty, has been making his millions of naira, well, no need to worry so much because aside music, engineering works pays.

    The singer has been swimming in millions as he continues to get lots of government contracts which he has been executing judiciously.

    He has not given the Police the avenue to come after him as he ensures that whatever contract he gets from either the government or private individual is well executed.

    He recently shared photos of himself and the governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Ezenwor Wike, as they take a tour to inspect some project they needs to be done and the level at which some jobs have gotten to.

    Indeed, the singer is blessed beyond measures which is why he is ever ready to share to those that do not have whenever the chance comes.

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    Tugbeh Emmanuel
  • sports
    5 things we learned from Nigeria 4 - 2 Argentina
    Pulse Nigeria
    The Super Eagles of Nigeria delivered a fantastic performance to come back from 2-0 down to beat Argentina 4-2. Ever Banega and Sergio Aguero gave Argentina a 2-0 lead before Kelechi Iheanacho pulled one back for Nigeria from a freekick. The Super Eagles returned for the second half in a different element and fired three goals to seal a comeback win.

    These are five things we learnt from Super Eagles 4-2 win over Argentina.

    1. Nigeria have their 2018 FIFA World Cup goalkeeper. 
    The game was a tale of two halves for the goalkeeping unit of the Super Eagles. Daniel Akpeyi started in goal for Nigeria and had a terrible outing. His mistake, embarrassingly touching the ball with his hand outside his area led to a freekick from which Argentina scored their first goal. The South Africa-based goalkeeper could not read the game and was a suspect all through.

    It was a different story in the second half following the introduction of Deportivo de La Coruna goalkeeper Francis Uzoho. Although he was not tested, Uzoho exuded confidence that spread throughout the whole team. He dominated his 18-yard-box well, came out well for set-piece and had a nice grip on the ball. Now it’s getting clearer who will be Nigeria’s first choice goalkeeper at the World Cup.

    2. New fullbacks discovered.
    The full-back positions have been Achilles heel for the Super Eagles throughout Gernot Rohr’s stint as coach. While Shehu Abdullahi has impressed so far, he is naturally a midfielder while Elderson Echiejile has been making Nigerian football fans cringe for more than a year.

    After a nervy first half, Rohr introduced Tyronne Ebuehi and Bryan Idowu and these substitutions changed the game. Ebuehi was very intelligent in his play, marking and making runs down the right while Idowu posed a huge attacking threat from the left. The performances of these two fullbacks will be pleasing to Rohr who now has better options ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

    3. Rohr tries out three-man defence.
    Super Eagles boss Rohr has started experimenting ahead of the 2018 World Cup and against Argentina, he used a 3-5-2 formation for the first time as Super Eagles boss.

    In their post-match comments, Super Eagles skipper John Mikel Obi and midfielder John Ogu admitted that they had difficulties adapting to it but the second half performances show that the 3-5-2 formation is a system that can work for the Super Eagles.

    4. Kelechi Iheanacho back to his creative best.
    For the first time since his days with the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria, Iheanacho was back to his creative best. As a midfielder, Iheanacho won Player of the Tournament when Nigeria won the 2015 U-17 World Cup in Chile before he was converted to a number nine at Manchester City.

    His predatory skills and good sense of positioning have helped him score some fantastic goals but his lack of pace and physical presence often leave him isolated upfront. Against Argentina, Iheanacho operated as a false nine, dropping to midfield to get involved with the play. Two assists and a goal crowned his fantastic performance.

    5. Ogu should be a starter.
    With two solid 90-minute performances for the Super Eagles in just four days, John Ogu has shown why he should be a starter for the Super Eagles.

    He started his first game under Gernot Rohr in the 1-1 draw with Algeria on Friday, November 10. In that game he was Man of the Match. Although he’s still struggling with fitness and exertion from the game against Algeria, Ogu still held his own against Argentina.

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    Daniel Ugonna
  • politics
    Choose Between Rotimi Amaechi and Rivers People
    247 Nigerian News Update
    Following the clash between the security details of Wike and Amaechi, youths in Rivers state have staged a protest asking President Buhari to chose between the peace in Rivers state or Amaechi.

    Youths in Rivers state on Wednesday staged a protest in which they asked President Muhammadu Buhari to chose between the peace in Rivers state or Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation.

    The youths led by their Leader, Hon. Kelechi Nwogu, were at the Ernest Ekoli House which is the Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ) secretariat in Port Harcourt, asked the president to caution Rotimi Amaechi and ask him to respect the office of the incumbent governor.

    They also called for the sack of the Commandant of F-SARS in Rivers State, Akin Fakorede who they accuse of working against the governor of the state.

    The protest was stage following the clash between the security details of Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike and that of the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, over the weekend.

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    Libertycity AP
  • hello world
    Mercedes and Emirates create S-Class-inspired first class cabin
    Top Gear
    No matter how hard you try - um, not that we have, of course – a Mercedes-Benz S-Class won’t fly. Thus, if you’ve always fancied travelling the skies as though you’re in the back of Benz’s luxurious flagship, well, you’re a bit stuck.

    No more. Emirates and Mercedes have teamed up to create a first class ‘suite’ aboard Emirates’ Boeing 777 fleet inspired by the S-Class.

    The three year cooperation – talks began back in 2014 – has resulted in a first class cabin featuring S-Class elements such as the choice of materials, “high standard of workmanship”, cabin controls, and ambient lighting, among others.

    It even features something called ‘virtual windows’, which is apparently a function “adopted from NASA” to help give a sense of weightlessness.

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    Obi Sopuluchukwu
  • lifestyle
    Lady serves as brother's best man
    Laila's Blog
    The wedding ceremony of Miss Unyime Darty and Mr Uwemedimo Ufot Ebong, son of Elder Ufot Ebong – Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Technical Matters and Due Process, held today at Jubilee Events Garden, Osongama Estate, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state capital. However one of the spectacular highlights of the wedding was that, Mr. Ebong’s sister served as his best man in the wedding ceremony.

    Akwa Ibom State Governor Mr Udom Emmanuel, his Deputy Mr Moses Ekpo and some members of the State Executive Council, today Saturday 11th November 2017, were among the dignitaries that graced the wedding.

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    Raleigh Franca
  • lifestyle
    Elegant pictures from Adesua Etomi's bridal shower
    Pulse Nigeria
    Adesua Etomi takes one step closer to a lifetime with Banky W in a dazzling, royal bridal shower.

    Guys, Adesua and Banky W are really setting us up for what's going to be one of the weddings of the year -  and we're here for every single bit of it!

    Adesua Etomi's bridal shower pictures  (Instagram / #BAAD2017)

    Media personalities and industry faces present at the all-girls party include Stephanie Coker who recently had her own destination wedding in Greece, Osas Ajibade, Linda Ejiofor, Chigul, Bolanle Olukanni, and Zainab Balogun among others.

    Gramming a lovely picture from the shower, the award-winning actress says she's "one step closer" to a lifetime with Banky.

    Adesua and Banky will have their traditional wedding on Nov 19th 2017.

    Susu and Banky, who recently announced a successful cancer surgery, will have their traditional wedding on November 19, 2017, a ceremony that looks set to be a fantastic celebration of life, romance, love and the couple's numerous blessings.

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    King Success
  • entertainment
    #AFRIMA2017 - Full Award List
    Kemi Falani
    The All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) has come to and end. The Award show held last night in Lagos, with a host of African stars converging at Eko Hotel & Suites for a night of music and felicitations.

    Nigerian acts Simi, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, 2baba Idibia, YCee, M.I.  Wizkid, Simi, M.I, Tiwa Savage, Ycee, Orezi, 2Baba all got awards with Wizzy taking home winning 3 awards on the night – Song of the Year, Artist of the Year & Best West African Act (Male).

    See full list of winners below:
    1. Best Central African Act (Male) – Locko
    2. Best Central African Act (Female) – Montess
    3. Best East African Act (Male) – Eddy Kenzo
    4. Best East African Act (Female) – Nandy
    5. Best Southern Africa Act (Male) – Emtee
    6. Best West African Act (Male) – Wizkid
    7. Best West African Act (Female) – Tiwa Savage
    8. Best African Collaboration – Alikiba feat M.I – “AJE“
    9. Best Artist in African Rock – Gilad Millo (Kenya)
    10. Best Artist or Group in African RnB & Soul – Alikiba feat. M.I – “AJE“
    11. Best Artist or Group in African Contemporary: DJ Tunez feat. Wande Coal – “Iskaba“
    12. Best Artist or Group in African Raggae & Dancehall – 2Baba – “Holy Holy“
    13. Best Artist or Group in African Hip Hop – Ycee – “Juice“
    14. Best Artist of Group in African Pop – Toofan
    15. Video of the Year – Orezi x Adasa Cookey – “Cooking Pot“
    16. Best Female Artist in Inspirational Music: Asikey George
    17. African Songwriter of the Year – Simi
    18. Producer of the Year – DJ Coublon for Seyi Shay’s “Yolo Yolo“
    19. Artist of the Year – Wizkid
    20. Song of the Year – Wizkid feat. Drake – “Come Closer“

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    Chifunnaya Mirabel
  • hello world
    Tesla introduced a new driving mode: Chill
    Top Gear
    The antidote to all of this Ludicrousness

    It seems that we’ve all gotten a little too caught up with the sheer speed that electric cars can deliver. What about the other side of the coin, the use to which electric cars are perhaps even more suited than monumental acceleration? Where is the mass supplication to exceptionally quiet, relaxed cruising? Oh, right; this is TopGear.com, not ThingsOnlyOldCurmudgeonsLike.com. 

    In any case, it seems that we have an ally in Tesla, who seems to have introduced the perfect antithesis to its rather aptly described Ludicrous mode: Chill.  

    The Chill setting rounds off acceleration, reverting your Model S or X back to the big, spacious cruiser it always had the potential to be. Sure, you could achieve much the same effect with an exceptionally gentle right foot, but why do something yourself when you can have an engineer do it for you? That’s what makes our generation the best, no?

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    Obi Sopuluchukwu
  • lifestyle
    5 Things That Can Trigger A Heart Attack
    Heart attacks, unpleasant guests who can come anytime, you will never want to see. But this guest does not always show up by itself rather you can invite it yourself. There can be circumstances too! You can engage in some activities that can trigger a heart attack, and you wouldn’t even know.

    Learn and Identify the various factors that can cause a heart attack.Protect your heart from the factors and habits that can raise risk for your heart:

    1. Drug abuse or alcohol
    Alcohol and drugs can trigger a heart attack. Though red wine is good for a healthy heart, too much of alcohol can increase blood pressure and may cause you to eat too much. This actually can risk a heart attack.
    2. Insufficient Sleep
    A disturbed sleeping pattern can also risk heart disease. People who sleep less than 6 hours a day are more vulnerable to heart attacks than people who sleep 8 hours a day.
    3. Migraine
    Being a victim of migraine pains at an early age can also risk heart attacks later in life. Research suggests that people who see, hear or feel strange things during a migraine headache are strongly linked to heart attack risks later in life.
    4. Hyper Exertion
    Exercising is important for good heart health. But you should not jump into it at once. Give it time. It will not just harm you physically, but may also trigger a heart attack. If you are not used to exercising regularly, sudden physical exertion can be a potential cause for heart attack. Not only in the gym, exertion in other field is running a shovel or even while having sex can trigger a heart attack.
    5. Cold Weather
    When we go out in the cold, for example, our arteries are interrupted. They shrink and pump more blood to keep the internal body temperature maintained. The heart has to work fast and over-efficiently and trigger a heart attack.

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    Libertycity AP
  • lifestyle
    Train Your Brain to Stop Over Thinking – Reduce Unnecessary Stress
    Excessive Thinking or Over Thinking has become a common mental problem nowadays. Planning or anticipating to a certain level is a good thing, but sometimes we put so much stress on our brain thinking about anything that it begins to become a Worry.

    We worry a lot about our future or what will happen next? You will be shocked to know that if you keep worrying all the time it has a negative impact on your mental state and physical health too.

    A little worry, thinking ahead and awareness helps you to prepare for the upcoming situation. When you overthink, your judgments get cloudy and your stress gets elevated. You spend too much time in the negative. It can become difficult to act.
    Fortunately, you can make some behavioral changes to reduce worry and function properly in your day-to-day activities. Here are 3 simple practices which you should start using every day to remain calm and reduce worry.

    1. Channel your Stress into Exercise
    Workouts provide both mental and physical benefits. Regular exercise is the best way to gain control of your life. It enhances the sense of self-worth and allows you to reduce the stress and worry. Health experts always suggest to take up exercise as a hobby to keep yourself entertained.

    2. Practice Meditation
    Meditation helps to heal the wandering mind in a proper way. There are different studies which have confirmed that closing your eyes and listening to your breath helps to improve your mental stability and boost the cognitive function.

    3. Write it Down
    When you translate your worries into words it helps to highlight the doubts and get a potential solution on the issue. Things can be as simple as what you will wear for tonight’s party or who to get rid of people you are pissing you off. Just write it down and conceptualize your problem. You will find yourself one step closer to solve the problems.

    Overthinking is something that can happen to anyone. But if you have a great system for dealing with it you can at least ward off some of the negative, anxious, stressful thinking and turn it into something useful, productive, and effective.

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    Libertycity AP
  • lifestyle
    Remedies That Wipe Out Scars and Spots Like an Eraser From The Skin
    When you look at your face in the mirror and find out a lot of dark spots, pimples, blackheads, and blemishes, you often wish there should be an eraser… or a real-life filter, which can just erase all these irregularities and make your skin look flawless. It is true we are all looking for a magic trick which will just make the skin look bright and healthy.

    There is a perfect way to make skin free from blemish, to cure the acne issues quick and remove the dark spots from the skin. The treatments are totally natural, inexpensive and do not have any side effects.

    Here are some natural skin care remedies you can use today

    - Baking Soda
    Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and add few drops of water to it. Now, make a thick paste and rub it on your face. Allow it to dry out and then wash with warm water. A pimple and acne scar will vanish quickly.
    - Cranberry Juice
    The juice of cranberries is best to enhance the glow of the skin. Take ½ cup of cranberries juice and soak a cotton ball in it. Apply the juice using the cotton ball on your skin and keep it on your face for a ½ hour. Wipe your face with a wet washcloth and you will get a glowing face in no time.
    - Garlic
    Garlic is good to clear the blemish and dark spots from the skin. Just chop the garlic clove and rub it on your face twice a day. It will cleanse your skin and remove the accumulated dirt from it.
    - Eat Foods Rich In Selenium And Zinc
    Start eating food which is rich in selenium and zinc to get rid of pimples and dark spots. You should increase the consumption of oats, liver, dry fruits, fish, sesame, lentils, milk and corn which will provide the required minerals to your body.

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    Libertycity AP
  • sports
    Goal Nigeria
    Sergio Ramos said the door is open for former Barcelona star Neymar to swap Paris Saint-Germain for Spanish and European champions Real Madrid.
    Neymar joined Ligue 1 giants PSG in a world-record deal worth €222 million in August but there is already talk of unrest with the Brazil international.
    According to reports, Neymar is unhappy with life under PSG head coach Unai Emery, prompting speculation of a sensational switch to La Liga and Champions League titleholders Madrid.

    Asked about Neymar, Madrid captain Ramos told Cadena Ser : "I like to have the best and it's clear Neymar is one of them.
    "Maybe it was easier for him to go to PSG, instead of directly to Real Madrid.
    "They are personal decisions, you never know what can happen because football goes around a lot.
    "I already have the door open for him if he wants to come. I also have a good relationship with him."

    Neymar has scored seven goals in eight Ligue 1 games this season to help PSG move four points clear of reigning French champions Monaco during the international break.
    He has also netted four goals in the Champions League to lead PSG through to the last 16 with two matchdays remaining.

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    Libertycity AP
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    Top 10 Worst Diet Choices if You Have Diabetes
    Cleveland Clinic
    If you have diabetes, in many ways your diet is your medicine. As diabetes educators, we help patients understand what food and beverage choices are best to avoid. When foods are high in carbohydrates, fat and sodium, they increase your risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight gain, heart disease and uncontrolled sugar.

    Top 10 offenders

    1. Sweetened drinks. These include regular pop/soda, fruit punches and iced teas. These are loaded with sugar and calories, and they usually have little or no nutritional value. Instead, try infusing plain water with different berries and fruits so you can enjoy the natural sweetness.
    2. “Designer” or specialty coffee drinksTop 10 Worst Diet Choices if You Have Diabetes – including frappuccinos or cappuccinos. That “once a day special treat” can add up to lots of extra sugar, calories and saturated fat. Instead, go for straight java, either black, with artificial sweetener or a small splash of skim milk.
    3. Whole milk. It has too much fat, which can lead to weight gain. Switch to 2 percent, 1 percent – or even better: skim milk. Keep in mind that one cup of skim milk has 12 grams of carbohydrates. If you don’t like milk or are lactose intolerant, you can drink almond milk, rice milk or soy milk instead—but remember to get the low sugar varieties.
    4. Hot dogs. These grilled little favorites are still high in saturated fat and sodium—yes, that even includes turkey dogs! Try to avoid them or eat them only occasionally.
    5. Packaged lunch meats. These are also high in saturated fat and sodium. Check your deli for low sodium meats—or better yet use sliced meat that you’ve roasted at home to make your sandwiches. Also remember that sandwich toppings can be very unhealthy too (think high-fat mayonnaise). Instead add flavor to your sandwiches with mustard, veggies and/or a little bit of hummus.
    6. Sweetened cereals. These are high in carbohydrates because of the added sugar. Go for the plain cereals and add a little fruit or artificial sweetener.
    7. Regular pancake syrup. It’s very high in carbohydrates. Light or low-calorie syrup usually contains at least half the carbs of regular. And with these lighter syrups, remember that the serving size is small, and generally only  one   Take a look at the food label and use sparingly.
    8. Sherbet. Many people believe sherbet is a good alternative to ice cream, but a half cup of sherbet has almost double the carbohydrates of a half cup of ice cream.
    9. Fast food baked potatoes with all the fixin’s. You take a relatively healthy item—the plain baked potato—and add cheddar cheese, butter, sour cream, ranch dressing or bacon and it just turned into a high-sodium, fat laden disaster. The same goes for nachos and other cheese-covered appetizers when eating out.
    10. Anything fried. We know fried foods are bad for us, but for people with diabetes, they are the worst. The fat is absorbed into the food and leads to high cholesterol and weight gain. Fried foods cause diabetes and fried foods make diabetes worse. This goes for everything from French fries to fried chicken to that panko-crusted tilapia at your favorite restaurant.

    Now for the best foods...

    All of the foods on our list have a low glycemic index (which represents the total rise in a person’s blood sugar level after eating the food) and provide important nutrients you need to stay healthy.

    1. Sweet potatoes. A great source of vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Add cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg or allspice for extra flavor.  ½ cup cooked sweet potato = 1 carb serving
    2. Cruciferous vegetables. These include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and Brussels sprouts. These non-starchy vegetables are rich in potassium, folate and vitamin C. 1 cup raw or ½ cup cooked = < 1 carb serving. They are just 5 grams of carbohydrate and 15 grams is one carb serving so you can load up on these!
    3. Legumes. These include a variety of beans such as black, garbanzo, kidney, lima, navy, pinto and white. They are loaded with fiber and protein, which will help you feel full with fewer calories. ½ cup cooked = 1 carb serving
    4. Nuts. Especially walnuts, almonds and pecans. They are a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fats and antioxidants and they reduce LDL cholesterol and promote heart health.  Consume in small amounts as they are high in calories. Add to salads, oatmeal and yogurt. If you are ...

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    Libertycity AP
  • politics
    2018 Budget: FG to spend N35bn on Housing Programme, N9.8bn on Mambilla Hydro Project
    The Punch Nigeria
    The Federal Government has set aside N35.4bn to address the housing needs of its workforce under the National Housing Programme in 2018.
    President Muhammadu Buhari made this known when he presented the 2018 budget proposal at the joint session of the National Assembly in Abuja on Tuesday.
    He also announced a budgetary allocation of N9.8bn for the Mambilla hydro power project in Gembu in Taraba.
    The Federal Executive Council had on August 30, approved $5.79bn (about N1.140trn) for the construction of the Mambilla hydro plant 45 years after its conception.

    Gov. Darius Ishaku of Taraba, had on Monday, lauded President Buhari for ensuring the commencement of work on the 3,050 megawatts Mambilla Hydro Electric Power Plant.
    President Buhari stated that the N9.8bn earmarked for the plant included N8.5bn as counterpart funding.
    The president revealed that the 2018 budget estimate also contained N12bn counterpart funding for earmarked transmission lines and substations as well as N10bn for the second Niger Bridge project in the South East region.

    According to him, about N300bn has been set aside for the construction and rehabilitation of the strategic roads across the country.
    “Furthermore, we have also invested a lot of time and effort in identifying alternative means of funding new projects.
    “For example, the recent N100 billion Sukuk Financing will cater specifically for the development of 25 roads across the country.
    “We also developed different structures that empower private investors to contribute to the development of roads of significant national importance.
    “Already, we are seeing results. For example: The Bonny-Bodo Road is being jointly funded by the Federal Government and Nigeria LNG Limited.
    “This project was conceived decades ago but it was abandoned. This Administration restarted the project and when completed, it will enable road transportation access for key communities in the Niger- Delta region,’’ he added.
    The president stated that the Apapa Wharf-Toll Gate Road in Lagos State was also being constructed by private sector investors in exchange for tax credits.

    He maintained that the Federal Government had also continued work on key strategic roads, adding that over 766 kilometres of roads were constructed or rehabilitated across the country in 2017.
    “For instance, work is at various stages of completion on these strategic roads with immense socio-economic benefits: rehabilitation of Ilorin-Jebba-Mokwa-Birnin-Gwari-Kaduna Road; Dualization of Oyo-Ogbomosho-Ilorin Road and rehabilitation of Gombe-Numan-Yola Road.’’
    Others, according to him, are dualization of Kano-Maiduguri Road; rehabilitation of Sokoto-Tambuwal-Jega road and Kotangora-Makera road that transverse Sokoto, Kebbi and Niger States; rehabilitation and reconstruction of Enugu-Port-Harcourt road; rehabilitation of Enugu-Onitsha Dual Carriageway Road and rehabilitation of Aleshi-Ugep Road and the Iyamoyun-Ugep Section in Cross River State.
    The president also disclosed that his administration had embarked on the rehabilitation, reconstruction and expansion of Lagos-Ibadan Dual Carriageway road; construction of Loko-Oweto Bridge over River Benue in Nasarawa and Benue States and the construction Gokanni Bridge along Tegina-Mokwa-Jebba road in Niger State.(NAN)

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    Libertycity AP
  • politics
    Anambra poll: INEC disowns materials found in hotel
    The Nation Nigeria
    The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said it was not aware of any missing sensitive election materials in Anambra State.
    A statement by the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Dr Nkwachukwu Orji, said INEC had not received any official report on the incident.
    While not ruling out the possibility of sensitive materials delivered to a hotel, he noted that the materials allegedly found in a hotel room in Awka, the state capital, did not belong to the commission.
    Orji said there are processes for the delivery of sensitive election materials, which he said involve strict monitoring of by party agents, election observers, security agencies and the media.

    On the alleged printing of voters’ register, the REC said what the police recovered appeared to have been printed from the electronic register given to the political parties and not the official register of voters for the governorship election.
    He reassured the public that INEC would continue to be transparent in its duty.
    The statement reads: “The attention of INEC has been drawn to publications in the media about statements allegedly made by the chairman of one of the political parties that two lorry loads of sensitive materials meant for the 18 November governorship election in Anambra State have been intercepted by the police in an undisclosed hotel in Awka.
    “It is also alleged that the police arrested two persons in connection with the incident. It has equally come to the notice of the commission that the police recovered large quantities of what looked like the register of voters meant for the 18 November governorship election in Anambra State from some individuals in a hotel in Awka, Anambra State, on November 6.
    “It is not clear to the commission whether these two alleged incidents are related, but the commission wishes to state that it is not aware of any missing sensitive election material and has not received any official report in that regard.”

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    Libertycity AP
  • sports
    Former Super Eagles Star Emenalo Quits Chelsea, Set For Monaco
    Complete Sports Nigeria
    Former Nigeria defender Michael Emenalo has resigned from his position as technical director at Chelsea.

    According to a report on the Telegraph, Emenalo quit after declining not to engage in a three-way power battle with current Chelsea manager Antonio Conte and Marina Granovskaia who are known not to see eye to eye. The former Nigerian international, who was in the Super Eagles squad for the USA ’94 World Cup, could assume a position at AS Monaco.

    Emenalo joined Chelsea in 2007 as an assistant under Avram Grant and he also worked as an opposition scout and assistant first-team coach under Carlo Ancelotti, replacing Ray Wilkins when he was sacked. With Emenalo as Chelsea’s technical director, the 1994 World Cup star helped Chelsea win three Premier League titles, the FA Cup, the League Cup, the Europa League and the Champions League.

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    Libertycity AP
  • lifestyle
    When Love Is No Longer Served
    Libertycity Originals
    In the bit to be scared of begin alone people are beginning to stay in places that they ordinarily would not bargain for,that is why people mistake being enslaved, disrespected and taken for granted as LOVE because they mourn their singleness hence they believe that having a partner will make them complete so some people end up going through crazy stuffs.

    The other day I saw a post a woman put up on facebook saying that even if her man beats her to pulp she is better than those who are single because she at least has a man, now with women like that in our society men would begin believe that hitting a woman is okay thus Increasing the number of domestic violence cases kudos to women like the one I just mentioned who have refused to see that love is no longer served, although domestic violence is not the sign to know that love is no longer served but if you ask me I would say domestic violence is the height of it because it's as obvious as pregnancy.

    The sad truth is that most people get into relationships and loose it all and I mean all their PRIDE, SELF WORTH, SELF ESTEEM and every form of reasoning they ever had because they were trying to keep a relationship that couldn't even keep them, they are scared to break free because they assume they can't get someone better, some even act like they will die if their partner walks out of the relationship.

    In conclusion I would say before you get into a relationship make sure you must have built a solid relationship with yourself,like fall in love with yourself and spoil yourself silly as this would make you have a feel of how you should be treated.

    Again the moment you begin to make excuses for your partner after they use you, abuse and disrespect you in any form probably after you may have forgiven them more than once then please it's time to leave the table,some will ask then what's the place of forgiveness if I should leave my partner? Am not preaching against forgiveness, it's okay to forgive but always be protective of yourself else you can get DAMAGED

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    Ogiri Adaeze
  • sports
    Iwobi, Iheanacho, Ndidi, 13 others arrives Super Eagles camp in Rabat, Morocco
    Brila Sports
    As much as seventeen players have arrived the camp of the Super Eagles ahead of their upcoming games according to a release on the official website of the Nigeria Football Federation. Arsenal star Alex Iwobi and three other English Premier League players in Kelechi Iheanacho, Ahmed Musa and Wilfred Ndidi have also arrived the camp of the Super Eagles team in Morocco.

    Captain of the Super Eagles team Mikel John Obi has given his words to the technical crew that he will be with them tomorrow, same as newly invited goalkeeper Francis Odinaka Uzoho. Goalkeeper Daniel Akpeyi who keeps goal for Chippa United of South Africa is also expected to join the team tomorrow as preparations for the games against Algeria and Argentina hots up

    Earlier today, Oghenekaro Etebo, Alex Iwobi, Olanrewaju Kayode, Henry Onyekuru, Chidiebere Nwakali, Kelechi Iheanacho, Uche Agbo and Chidozie Awaziem arrived in Casablanca just after noon and were immediately driven to Rabat. Less than an hour after the crew of Etebo and seven others landed, Turkey –based defender Kenneth Omeruo and Israel –based duo of John Ogu and Anthony Nwakaeme also arrived at the Mohamed V Airport, Casablanca. They were also immediately driven to Rabat, where the team is quartered at the Golden Tulip Farah.

    Team administrator Dayo Enebi Achor confirmed to thenff.com that team captain Mikel John Obi, as well as goalkeepers Francis Uzoho and Daniel Akpeyi, are expected in Rabat on Tuesday.

    On Friday, the Super Eagles, with the Russia 2018 World Cup ticket already in their pocket, will fly to Constantine, where they face the Fennecs at the Stade Mohamed Hamlaoui from 8.30pm Algeria time on Friday. On Saturday, the Nigerian team will fly aboard a chartered flight to Krasnodar, the Russian city that will host Tuesday’s international friendly against Argentina.

    1. Ikechukwu Ezenwa
    2. Shehu Abdullahi
    3. Chidozie Awaziem
    4. Chidiebere Nwakali
    5. Ogehenekaro Etebo
    6. John Ogu
    7. Kenneth Omeruo
    8. Olarewaju Kayode
    9. Mikel Agu
    10. Anthony Nwakaeme
    11. Alex Iwobi
    12. Ahmed Musa
    13. Wilfred Ndidi

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    Libertycity AP
  • lifestyle
    Simple And Effective Home Remedies To Control High Blood Pressure
    Talk Chick
    The lifestyle of people has changed greatly Nowadays. Increasing dependence on machines has undoubtedly made our life easier, but it has given us many diseases. Hypertension is one of these. Although this disease may seem small, this is the main reason for having a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

    It is important to keep high blood pressure in control. Let’s know some home remedies that balance and control your blood pressure.

    Symptoms of High Blood Pressure
    1. Dizziness and nausea
    2. Uninterest in work
    3. Weakness and numbness
    4. Lack of sleep
    5. Hyper sweating

    However, the can be kept under control with minor lifestyle changes and simple home remedies. Take a look at the remedies suggested below.

    Remedies for High Blood Pressure
    1. Salt is a major factor in increasing blood pressure. Therefore, people of high BP should reduce the consumption of salt.
    2. Garlic is a very helpful home remedy to control high blood pressure. It reduces cholesterol and prevents the chances of a blood clot.
    3. When blood pressure is increased, add half a spoon black pepper powder in a glass of lukewarm water. Keep drinking this in 2 hours intervals
    4. Brown rice is also beneficial for hypertension patients. Try to skip the white rice and white bread, instead eat more brown rice.
    5. Ginger is also very beneficial. It’s a thermogenic herb which relaxes the muscles and reduces pressure on the arteries.

    Remember high blood pressure is extremely dangerous for our health. But, if blood pressure is less than normal, it is not also dangerous. Therefore, before taking any measure, consult your doctor first.

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    Libertycity AP
  • hello world
    This 'Smart City' in China Is Controlled By An Artificial Intelligence
    IFL Science
    The idea of smart cities – infrastructure interlinked by software – isn’t new, but it’s undeniably cool. Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere where programs use data and evidence, not intuition, to actively improve their day-to-day lives?

    Now imagine that an entire smart city actually exists, but it's even more advanced than you could possibly imagine, where infrastructural systems are altered on the fly by an artificial intelligence (AI). This may sound futuristic, but one such place can already be found in China.

    As reported back in October 2016, the government of the city of Hangzhou – home to over 9 million people – collaborated with Alibaba and Foxconn to build the “City Brain” project. The metropolis would be, from that moment forth, at least partly run by an AI that absorbed every last drop of data it could get its virtual hands on.

    Every single resident was tracked; their activity on social networks, their purchases, their movements, their commutes – everything was uploaded to the AI’s database, which then made real-time decisions.

    Over time, it was allowed to develop a neural network across the city. Everything from the water supply to the sizes of crowds in certain areas was taken into account, and the City Brain slowly found its footing.

    Now, as reported by New Scientist, the project has been hailed a remarkable success. Traffic congestion, road accidents, and crime are all down.

    City Brain isn’t just connected to authorities either, notifying them when there’s an emergency or a crisis that needs handling. It’s also wired up to everyone’s mobile phones, informing them of upcoming road traffic or adverse weather conditions in real-time.

    Aside from monitoring things in the here and now, it has also used months’ worth of data to work out optimal future scenarios for smoother commutes and safer streets.

    The project is apparently doing so well that it’s already being considered in other cities around China. It’s likely to find popularity on the international market, albeit with variations on the types of data it receives.

    Incidentally, you would think that the residents of Hangzhou would have been asked to consent to this intense form of data monitoring, but remember, this is China. When it comes to online privacy and protestation, the average person doesn’t really get much say.

    Xian-Sheng Hua, an AI manager at Alibaba, told an audience at the World Summit AI meeting a few weeks back that “in China, people have less concern with privacy, which allows us to move faster.”

    Putting the ethics aside for a moment, it’s admittedly hard not to argue that China is a good place to try out extremely ambitious projects.

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    Tugbeh Emmanuel

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