Careers at Libertycity Nigeria

Calling all Autobots

Thank you for your interest in joining our online community of developers, editors, content curators and service providers., our consumers have the "liberty" to choose their favourite apps and access only the kinds of content they love, and this tradition is also championed here at Libertycity HR. Team members and new recruits as well have the liberty to choose their path and function in multiple product divisions at will.


On a clear day

Our work culture is centred around giving individuals the platform and opportunity to work on only the things they love and do naturally in their spare hours, without any form of pressure or time constraints. This freedom has been an integral part of our hiring process particularly because all our talents work remotely from locations across Nigeria.

Working at Libertycity Nigeria should feel like breeze.
Founder & CEO, Tugbeh Emmanuel

We recruit amongst youngsters because millennials are our target market and we believe individuals in this age group truly understand our market and know the kinds products and services that matter to our consumers. Your responsibilies at Libertycity is fairly simple; research and develop apps and content that you love because you are an extension of our target market.


Libertycity and I

Once part of The Libertycity Magic R&D Team (as we love to call it), you can pretty much work on anything you like. You can join an existing product division or bring up something new and exciting for us to work on. Libertycity is the city of absolute creative freedom. If you love it, then we love it too, and surely our consumers will digg it - for reals!


Get Started

Let's begin by taking off your clothes and massaging your ni... [Next Slide] Ok! Let's begin by sending a simple email. Introduce yourself and your interests, you may also tell us what product division you will like to be part of, or hint us on something new and exciting you have always wanted to do. For undecided folks, keep calm, we have a Magic Orb at Libertycity that can tell us exactly what your interests are, what product division you will excel at and who you tortorri[ed] last summer - all at the push of a button.

Just a simple email; no documentation, no formalities and yes, no qualifications needed.
Just be you. Just be millennial.
Ps: no CV attachments required either.
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RE: Careers at Libertycity Nigeria


See application samples from our finest recruits, Jude, Felicia and Bob (no one likes Bob).

Yo, i'm Jude
I think you guys are cool. Your atmosphere here is electric. I love music and DJ[ing] is my rock. I will like to join Libertycity Music and i also have an idea for something called Libertycity Radio. Holla back if you guys are interested. Jah bless, Regards. #DJAgbalumoBurstMyHead
Hi, i'm Felicia by name
I like what u guys are doing and i want to be part of it but i'm not really sure where i fall under. I studied Mass Comm in school and i've always wanted to be a career blogger. I also have interest in social media marketing and all these PR stuffs. Can't wait to hear from u guys LOL xoxo.
Dear HR,
I, kindly wish to apply for employment at Libertycity Nigeria. I have a B.Sc in Computer Engineering and M.Sc in Business Admin. I have 4 years experience in Software Development. I am a certified Developer (see attachment). Below is an outlined bullet-list of my work ex ... ... ...